The Dolphy Project Bears Fruit With Perfect SAT Math Test

The Dolphy Project Bears Fruit With Perfect SAT Math Test


Last year, the U.S. College Board came under fire for banning 9-year-old Adolphus Daniel Jr. from Trinidad and Tobago from taking the SATs.

In 2015, Daniel achieved the highest grade on the Caribbean Education General Proficiency Mathematics Exam, beating over 97% of the students who took the exam in the Caribbean.

When Daniel was banned from the SATs, a social media campaign called The Dolphy Project launched online, allowing people to support him from around the world.

People soon began creating videos to express their support for Daniel.

The campaign’s slogan was, “Every child deserves to excel”.

U.S. media personalities also expressed their concern for him, asking why the U.S. College Board decided to bar young Daniel from the SATs.

“I’m following the page for updates on Adolphus and The Dolphy Project. I would love to hear why they aren’t letting him test with the SATS,” commented Annette Lawless, a news anchor for KAKE News in Kansas.

The campaign video reached over 200,000 views collectively on Facebook and YouTube and was featured on U.S. News sites.

The campaign was successful and in 2016, the U.S. College board removed the age restriction so Daniel could take the exam.

In 2016, 10-year-old Daniel took the SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test and achieved a perfect 800 score, becoming the youngest person to achieve a score so high.

On April 7th, a video of Daniel thinking his supporters was uploaded on the campaign’s official Facebook page.

In the video, young Daniel says, “When people from around the globe unite around a common cause, only good things result.”

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