Home Invasion Suspects Target Seagoville Resident

Home Invasion Suspects Target Seagoville Resident


SEAGOVILLE – On October 18, a Seagoville woman and her teenaged children returned to their residence late at night from an outing. Moments after the family entered their home, four unknown male subjects came in through the unlocked front door and two of the males presented handguns. The woman and her children were instructed to lay on the floor and three of the males went upstairs. The woman was challenged by at least one of the males who demanded to know where the money was. An undisclosed amount of money was taken from the house along with the woman’s purse and the four suspects left the house without further incident.

The woman and her children were not injured and the police were immediately contacted. Recorded home surveillance video depicts three of the suspects as they ascended the stairwell to the second floor of the house, while the fourth suspect remained downstairs. The two suspects carrying what appeared to be handguns are observed with coverings over their faces and the third suspect is wearing a hoodie that he removes as he reaches the top of the stairwell. Police are investigating the motive and seeking the identity of these suspects.


On November 5, Seagoville Police responded to a residential alarm call to the same residence, but none of the residents were home. Evidence of forced entry into the house was discovered by responding officers, however, no suspects were found inside the home. Video surveillance footage of the incident revealed three male suspects inside the residence who quickly ascended the stairwell to the second floor. One suspect was armed with what appeared to be a high-capacity handgun. Two of the suspects made no attempt to cover their faces, however, the third suspect had his shirt pulled up over the lower half of his face as he crested the stairwell to the second floor. It is not confirmed at this time that anything was taken from the house.

Investigators have spoken with the adult residents of the home and neither the woman, or her boyfriend, claim to have any knowledge as to why this house has been targeted twice by armed suspects within a matter of a few weeks. The investigation continues.

As a matter of public safety, recorded video mentioned herein is being released to the media. Please contact the Seagoville Police Department if you have any information that might lead to the positive identification and arrest of any of these suspects.



Source: Seagoville Police Department

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