Latmetal Produces High Quality Copper And Gold Nanoparticles


FLORIDA (NADERNEJAD MEDIA) – Nanoparticle producing company Latmetal and its funders are optimistic about the future. With an initial product investment of US$1,272,000,000 billion in nano copper technology inventory and 587 units of nanotechnology as initial capital investment, Latmetal LLC will be able to secure assets and become a leader in the industry of nanoparticles.

Directed by Bernardo Jalvaquinto-­Lagos (Partner/Founder/CEO/CFO) and Louis DiCarlo (Chairman of the Board), Latmetal prides itself with changing the landscape of nanotechnology and is looking forward to achieving more positive breakthroughs in the years to come.

Latmetal offers world class nanoparticles and features copper that comes directly from copper mines in Chile. The copper is transformed into a world class product by a profesional team of physicists and engineers.

Surpassing industry standards, latmetal produces zero valent, stabilized nanoparticles with purities of 99.9% and higher. latmetal’s nanoparticles are powerful and reliable. Because latmetal produces some of the highest quality nanoparticles in the world, it has one of the most reliable and effective products in the industry.

Latmetal’s nanoparticles are undeniably brilliant, paving the way to a more advanced future. To learn more about Latmetal, visit their website at


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